Review of Alive Fitness App

Whitney Simmons’ YouTube channel got me into strength training. Before I discovered her channel, it hadn’t even crossed my mind that women could (and should) weightlift. It’s not something I had ever been told. She really got me wanting to put on muscle and it really jump started my fitness journey. Needless to say, I am a fan. So when I heard she was coming out with her own fitness program I was very excited. This was right around the time I was finished Kayla Itsines’ Sweat App (read my review on that program if you are interested) and I was ready for a change.

The Alive App
I decided to try the 8 week introductory program which includes two upper body strength days, two lower body strength days, one low intensity cardio day, and two rest days.

My Experience

This is a good app if you are looking to get into strength training. I chose the beginner program but there is a second strength program on the app as well as a home workout program. Plus there are a bunch of individual workouts you can do outside of the programs (like if you wanted to switch up your workout on your cardio day.)

The program I chose was similar to the Fierce program in the Sweat App but with less cardio exercises and longer rest times. I liked it at first but overtime I didn’t sweat as much and sometimes felt like I didn’t have as much of a workout. I especially noticed this on arm days. Some arm days I didn’t sweat at all.

I’m glad I tried out the app and I do think it would be good if you are only focused on strength training or if you go into it knowing that you might need to incorporate some extra cardio. I think it might also be good for someone who is looking to maintain their weight or put on muscle.

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