How to Get Motivated to Exercise: 5 Tips

It can be really hard to be motivated to exercise. As much as I love to workout, sometimes I feel like I am just in a funk and don’t want to do it.

So how do we fix this?

  • Give yourself permission to rest. This is a really weird and stressful time for everyone. It is 100% okay to allow yourself to do nothing. Listen to your body and allow it to rest.
  • Have a “why”. Why do you workout? Exercising for me is a huge way to relieve stress and is great for my mental health. Every time I feel unmotivated I remember why I do it.
  • Have a workout routine. Put your workout into your calendar. I write my workouts for the week in my planner and that helps hold me accountable. Plus when I finish them I am able to cross them off the list. It’s also really helpful for me to work out at around the same time every day. That way it just becomes a part of my routine.
  • Workout with others. I know, we are social distancing so working out with others may be hard. If you can’t convince the people you live with to work out with you (or you live alone), you can also do a livestream workout with others.
  • Do workouts you enjoy. This one seems obvious, right? But for so long I did workouts I hated. And so because of that I dreaded working out. Now I do a combination of low intensity cardio, strength training, and yoga throughout the week. The variety keeps me from getting bored.

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