I Tried Noom for Two Weeks and I’m Conflicted

It seems like every time I’m on YouTube I see an ad for Noom. If you don’t know about Noom, it’s a nutrition-based weight loss program that’s pretty popular right now. Noom costs $45+ a month and it teaches you how to make healthy choices using a psychology-based approach. This concept intrigued me so I signed up for the two week trial.

The Sign Up Process

When you sign up on the website or app (I chose the app), it asks you some basic questions about what your weight loss goals are and how quickly you want to lose weight.

I’ll include some screenshots below:


How it works

Each day it gives you activities to do, like meeting a step goal or logging your food.  It also gives you articles to read that teach you how to trick your brain into making better choices, like how to say no to the donuts your coworker brings to work (so hard sometimes). Plus, it gives you healthy recipe ideas.

Motivation is a large part of succeeding or failing at working out and eating healthy and Noom seems to understand this.  It provides you with a coach and a goal specialist. At the end of week 2 you are put in a group with other real life Noom users to motivate each other. You are also given a group leader, similar to your coach.

I thought this was pretty cool. One thing, however, I should say is that based on the very vague general messages and responses my coach sent me, I’m not sure if it was an actual person or a robot. No offense to my Noom coach if she is real but the messages I got weren’t ever personalized to me so I wasn’t convinced.

My Experience with Noom
The Good

I’ve never heard of a weight loss program using psychology to keep you on track with your goals so I thought this was a refreshingly new approach. The articles they have you read are interactive and seem like they are written by a friend. They are funny and self-deprecating. They were probably my favorite part of using Noom.

It also might be because I am a planner (Who else loves crossing off to-do lists?) but I really enjoyed doing the daily activities and watching them disappear after I completed them.

The Bad

A big issue for me is that you are supposed to weigh yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s supposed to reassure you that it’s normal for your weight to fluctuate. It had the opposite effect for me. I really struggled seeing my weight go up and down and then back up every day. It became something I really dreaded doing every morning. I normally weigh myself once a week if that much. I, instead, typically like to measure my progress by how I look, how I am feeling, and how my workouts are improving. So while Noom says to do it to reassure yourself that it is normal for the scale to change, it had the opposite effect of me and made me feel sad or frustrated constantly seeing a number higher than where I want to be.

Another big issue I had with Noom is that it put me on a very low calorie diet. I’m not sure why. It set my target maximum calories at 1200 CALORIES. I’m sorry but I am a grown adult who needs more than 1200 calories. I know that the goal of the app is to get you to lose weight but I think it is dangerous to put someone on a 1200 calorie diet. Especially someone who is very active. So every single day I logged my food and every single day I was told that I was over budget on calories. There was never any explanation given for why the app wanted me to eat 1200 calories.

Overall, I really wanted to like the app but I just have too many issues with it to spend $45+ a month on it.

I would love to hear if anyone else has tried Noom and what your experience was like!

2 thoughts on “I Tried Noom for Two Weeks and I’m Conflicted

  1. 1200 calories and you selected a slow to moderate weight loss speed! I can’t imagine the calorie allowance for someone who selects a fast weight loss speed. Thank you for this review. $45+ a month is a lot of money to spend when you’re unsure about what you’re getting. This review helps solve that issue.

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  2. Hi! Thank you so much for your feedback…I have been curious about this app since it is so “famous” now, basically you can see ads everywhere, but I was a bit put off by the price. Honestly I would be like you dreading to weight myself everyday…the normal weight flutuation is so hard from me…at the moment I see my weight going up and give up…it is a psychological thing I know but well ours minds are strong …
    I find the NHS diet is still one of the best…you follow 1400 calories per day and they give the recipes to do …and they also have an app for running which I completed 2 months ago which I loved it (because I am not one of those run-lovers but I actually started to enjoy running with an organized plan…Thank you once more =)


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