20 Things to Do When Stuck At Home

It’s a crazy time right now with so many places on lockdown. If you are social distancing (you should be!) and stuck at home here are some things you can do with all the free time:

  1. Journal. Writing about how you are feeling can be really helpful. It can also be helpful to write about what you are grateful for or what you are looking forward to.
  2. Maintain a workout routine. Exercise is good for the soul and can lift your spirits (endorphins make you happy after all). It is a good stress relief and something I try to incorporate most days. There are tons of home workouts on YouTube.
  3. Stick to a routine. I’ve been trying to keep as many of my routines as I can so that I can try to maintain a sense of normalcy. I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home. Even though I don’t have to factor time in for my commute, I still set my alarm and wake up at the same time every weekday, I still make sure to change into different clothes every morning instead of working in pajamas, and I make sure to get enough sleep at night to maintain my sleep schedule.
  4. Play with your pet. Animals can be a great source of comfort when we are stressed.
  5. Learn a new hobby. I recently bought an electric keyboard and have been learning how to play some simple songs on it.
  6. Clean your space. Having a clean space just makes me feel better. Being stuck at home is going to feel so much worse if you are surrounded by clutter.
  7. Limit the news. Being aware of news updates is important but at a certain point it can be damaging to constantly be checking online or social media. Instead, read happy inspirational news stories. I suggest following upworthy or goodnews_movement on Instagram.
  8. Socialize from afar. Skype or FaceTime with your family or friends. It’s a tough time so being able to see the people you love really helps.
  9. Stay positive. Think about the bigger picture. We are not going to be self isolating for the rest of our lives. This will end at some point so focus on that.
  10. Experiment with food. Bake something fun or try making your own bread. Get creative with the food you have.
  11. Clean out your closet. Go through your clothes and see if there is anything you don’t wear or don’t like anymore. Put it aside to donate.
  12. Dance. Put on your favorite music and have a dance party. Or choreograph your own dance.
  13. Check on your loved ones. We are all in this together so check in with others. It can be hard not seeing the people you love (which is why #8 is so important) so check in with your friends and family to see how they are coping.
  14. Get a plant. You can order plants online and get them delivered right to your door. I would definitely do this if I didn’t have a cat that tries to destroy everything. A plant would not survive in my house.
  15. Learn a new language. You’ve got the time! I use the app Memrise but there are a bunch of apps you can use to learn a new language.
  16. Support local businesses. If you are in the position to, get your food delivered from a local restaurant.
  17. Make a bucket list. Think of things you would love to do once we are freeeee.
  18. Build bonds. If you live with others, use this as an opportunity to spend more time with them.
  19. Take an online class. There are so many free classes you can take from websites like Udemy, Future Learn, Skillshare, and so much more.
  20. Focus on self care. Meditate, take a bubble bath, or put on a face mask. You deserve it.

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