I Tried Meditating: My Review of the Calm App

2020 has been a stressful year to say the least.  I think it is safe to say that most people’s stress levels are pretty high. So I thought I would share my favorite way to meditate, in case you need some self care ideas.

I’ve been using the Calm App for several months now and it has been a wonder.  I started off with the free version which I really liked and so I upgraded to the full year unlimited plan for $59.99. As of today I have completed 119 sessions which is about 22 hours of meditating. Wow! They have a ton of meditations you can listen to (most of which are 10-20 minutes long) plus they upload a brand new meditation every day, called the Daily Calm.

I meditate first thing every morning.  Once I turn off my alarm I click on the app and zen out.  It is a really gentle way to start each day.  (Be careful not to fall back asleep though!)  The app is really easy to navigate and also includes “sleep stories” and songs to help you fall asleep easily.

I have always really struggled with meditation.  I get distracted and start thinking about everything I need to do that day, etc. but this app has been really helpful because the meditation sessions often remind you to focus on your breathing and teach you that it is normal to be distracted by thoughts.  The point is not to be disappointed in yourself for being distracted.  Instead, acknowledge that you are having a thought and then return to focusing on each inhale and exhale again.

What are your favorite ways to meditate?  What is your favorite meditation app?  I’ve only used Calm and Headspace so I would love to learn about any others.

Anxious about Coronavirus? Click here for free meditations and other free resources they are offering.

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