My Favorite YouTube Channels for At Home Workouts


It’s a crazy time right now. With social distancing and more and more gyms closing, here are my favorite YouTube channels for home workouts (no equipment required!).  I love these workouts on their own but you can always add dumbbells if you have them (or use water bottles!)


She has literally hundreds of workout videos you can choose from that don’t require any equipment. She also has a two week quarantine workout plan on her Instagram if you want even more workout ideas. I really recommend her workouts but, beware, they burn (in the best possible way).

Here’s one I recently did and loved:


She has tons of full body at home workouts plus a lot of shorter workouts for if you don’t have a ton of time but still want to sweat. I love the variety of workouts she has plus she has a good amount of videos for if you want low impact and knee friendly exercises.

I really liked this workout:

Fitness Blender

I had to include Fitness Blender. When I first got into home workouts I religiously used Fitness Blender videos because they are great for all fitness levels and they have a huge range of home workouts you can do.

I really like this one:

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