The 5 Best Books I Read Last Year

In honor of World Book Day which recently passed on March 5, I thought I would share my favorite books from last year. They all happen to be on Audible but this post isn’t affiliated with them in any way. I just really like listening to audiobooks.

My 5 Favorite Books of 2019
  1. The Burnout Generation by Anne Helen Peterson: Raise your hand if you have ever felt burnt out. It’s something most of us have experienced at some point. Whether it is from work, finances, social obligations, or the never ending emails in our inbox, or a combination of all of the above, sometimes it can feel like we are suffocating. This book feels similar to a podcast. It is a combination of interviews the author has with a musician, a recent college graduate, two writers, and a pastor all about how they deal with burnout. I found it particularly interesting to hear the pastor’s interview as I didn’t even know pastors could have burnout.
  2. Find Another Dream by Maysoon Zayid: This book details the author’s journey to fame and the struggles she faces along the way as a Muslim woman with cerebral palsy. It sounds like a serious topic but she somehow has you smiling and laughing with her the whole way. Makes sense, since she is a comedian. I loved her honesty and bluntness and how much of an advocate she is for people with disabilities. I hear her TED Talk is also very good.
  3. Becoming by Michelle Obama: This book took 19 hours to listen to on Audible. I’m not saying that to scare you away, just to show that I loved it enough to commit 19 hours of my life to listening to it. I especially enjoyed learning about Michelle Obama’s childhood experiences, life working in a law firm, and initial difficulties coping with life in politics.
  4. The Beautiful Brain by Hana Walker-Brown: This book is about the rise of CTE in soccer and contains interviews with people who have been personally affected by the disease. I actually cried while listening to some of these interviews. Something you may not know about me is that I don’t cry often. But I found these interviews, specifically the interviews with Jeff Astle’s family, so incredibly moving and heartwrenching. Jeff Astle was a UK soccer player who was only 59 years old when he died. This is a difficult book to read but it is worth it.
  5. The 3 Day Effect by Florence Williams: This was a really interesting book all about how the healing effects of being in nature. The author is a scientist and researcher who throughout the course of the book takes war veterans and sex trafficking survivors camping outdoors. Each retreat lasts 3 days (hence the name of the book) and she details what short term and long term positive effects it has on them.

What are the best books you read last year? What books should I add to my reading list?

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