Taste Test: Van Leeuwen Vegan Ice Cream

This post could have also been called “how to ruin your diet” because when I see ice cream I can’t resist. Sugar is my downfall. But it’s good to have cheat meals every so often, right? That’s what I’m telling myself.

So when my mom said she wanted to try out some Van Leeuwen vegan ice cream flavors I obviously volunteered to help eat them. I mean, it would have been rude to force her to eat them all herself, right? Yes.

So here’s a breakdown of the flavors we tried. There are more than these available but we had to stop ourselves. 😂

Brownie Sundae Raspberry Swirl – If you like raspberries you will love this. It’s like eating a chocolate covered raspberry (is that a thing?)  While you can taste both the raspberry and chocolate flavors, the raspberry is definitely the stronger of the two. 

Oat Milk Caramel Cookie – All of the ice cream we tried were made with oat milk and coconut cream but this was the only one with a coconut taste. I didn’t mind it since I like coconut but if you don’t you probably will want to choose a different one. The caramel flavor in this ice cream is DELICIOUS by the way.

Strawberry – Strawberry ice cream is pretty basic BUT it was always my favorite growing up. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a classic flavor like strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla and this one certainly hits the spot. It doesn’t taste artificial. It tastes like real strawberries and is super creamy.

Oat Milk Mocha Latte with Fudge Swirl – You will love this if you love coffee. The mocha coffee really comes through and I felt a jolt of caffeine just after a few spoonfuls. The only thing I didn’t like is that the coffee flavor for me was a little bitter tasting.

Oat Milk Brown Sugar Chunk with Cookie Dough, Brownies & Candied Oat Clusters – This one has quite a name! I had to stop myself after a couple of bites because I legit could have eaten the entire pint. The combination of cookie dough, chocolate, and the crunch of the candied oat clusters…YUM! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl – This one was my favorite out of all the flavors. OMG if you are a peanut butter fan like me you will absolutely love this. The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is a classic and this flavor does not disappoint. It is actually dangerous how good it is. Dangerous for my weight loss but worth it every once in a while. 😁

Chocolate Oat Milk Cookie Dough Chunk with Honeycomb – This flavor isn’t as complex or intricate as the other ones but is a good choice if you like a classic chocolate ice cream.  The cookie dough chunks are a delicious surprise.

I would 100% eat all these flavors again.  You would never know that they are dairy free. They are super creamy and delicious. If you are a fellow vegan, or looking to cut out dairy, or just looking to try a dang good ice cream, definitely try these out. We found ours at Sprouts.

The Aftermath





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