3 Easy Ways To Do LISS At Home

First of all: What is LISS? It stands for Low Intensity Steady State and is a type of cardio. It is generally not as high impact as HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training. Both have their benefits. When doing LISS the goal is to be in the “fat burning zone”, or about 60% of your max heart rate, for 30 minutes or more. I like LISS because it isn’t as taxing on my body and my ankles and it doesn’t make me feel as demolished as HIIT does. Some examples of LISS could be walking at an even pace on a treadmill, jogging, using the stairmaster, or swimming.

But what do you do if you can’t go outside or make it to the gym? Or maybe you simply enjoy working out at home?

Here are some ways you can incorporate LISS into your life without leaving the comfort of your home:

Walk At Home

I love using these YouTube videos to not only get a good LISS workout in but also to increase my daily steps.

Home Exercise Equipment

This requires a bit of an investment but you can buy a manual treadmill or stationary bike for your home (or whatever cardio method you like best). Amazon has tons of affordable options but you can also find them online at many other retailers.

LISS YouTube Videos

There are many different LISS workouts you can do on YouTube. Fitness Blender workouts are some of my favorite.

I would love to know how you incorporate LISS into your week.

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